Our Approach

FrontwalkwayphotoAt Patriot Law Group, we are proud to offer high-quality legal services in a customer-friendly, cost-effective way. In keeping with our mandate to put our clients first, we apply fixed-fee pricing and tailor made solutions to all of our legal services, an unusual approach in a profession that generally charges by the hour.

Uncommon, yes. Better for our clients, most definitely.

Before starting any work, we review a client`s file and prepare an itemized action plan that breaks out the different services required. Planning and organizing according to individual needs and priorities, allows us to offer flat-fee pricing based on factors such as complexity, the level of our involvement required, and time constraints.

This unique approach ensures Patriot Law Group clients can predict and control their legal costs to a much greater degree. They know the price up front, before committing to any services. There are no hidden mark-ups.

The result? Our clients are well informed and able to make choices, with access to excellent legal services tailored to their specific needs and budget.