Real Estate

Purchases • Sales • Refinancing • Family Transfers

concept of mortgage and savingsBuying, selling or refinancing a home or other property is a major decision, usually the biggest financial transaction you will ever be involved in during your lifetime. While the big issues (price, closing date, etc) may be your focus, the devil is in the detail, and the details are set out in the real estate purchase contract.

Lawyers are the experts on detail. We provide comprehensive and timely services to ensure that your interests are protected and will work hard to ensure an on-time closing with no surprises.

While most purchases and sales involve realtors, “private sales” also happen. We assist with both of these. If you are dealing with a realtor, we can review an offer with you before it is made (if you are the buyer), or accepted (if you are the seller). We recommend that all buyers and sellers obtain legal advice before signing a contract, and are pleased to offer that service, usually on a same-day basis.

If you are considering a private sale, we can assist you with the preparation of the real estate purchase contract. A properly prepared contract is a wise investment that will protect your interests, avoid common pitfalls, and ensure a smooth closing.